Getting Rid Of Skin Tags Faster Than Ever!

Ah skin tags. These little flappy bits of skin are more likely to show up in the creases or folds of your skin. Places like your neck, armpit, groin area and even by your eyes are prime locations for tags. They are generally small growing no more than 3mm in diameter. They are more likely to be found on newborns, the elderly and those who are overweight. They don’t discriminate against any color, race or gender. While they are more common on newborns and the elderly that doesn’t mean someone in their early twenties or late thirties won’t find a skin tag somewhere one day. A single person can have anywhere from one to one hundred skin tags on their body at any given time. Even after removal, they can grow back in the same spot. There is no ‘cure’ for skin tags, but there are several removal methods.

When people realize they have a skin tag, they usually want it gone sooner rather than later. And why wouldn’t you? If it’s in an awkward spot that’s all the more reason to remove it. But the problem with several methods is that they take time.

Common Methods:

  • Threading: the act of tying a piece of floss or thread around the base of a skin tag and starving it of oxygen
    • Timeframe: 2-3 weeks until it turns black and falls off
  • Liquid Nitrogen Treatments: using a product such as Compound W® to freeze and kill the skin tag
    • Timeframe: 1-2 weeks from time of application until falling off
  • Herbal Creams/Oils: applying an herbal cream/oil such as Pristine Herbal Touch® to the skin tag multiple times a day
    • Timeframe: 2-4 weeks until falling off
  • Cutting: using a scalpel or sharp nail scissors to cut off the skin tag from the base
    • Timeframe: immediate

As you can see, from the common options listed above there is only one true fast way to remove skin tags. You need to cut them off. This can make people nervous but it is something you can do from your own home or you can make an appointment with your health care provider. Many of them will cut them off in the office without the use of surgery or anesthetics. If you are brave enough to cut them off on your own, just make sure you are prepared.

The Tools

  • You should ensure that you have a sharp scalpel or a pair of pointed, sharp nail scissors
  • Rubbing alcohol or other disinfectant
  • Gauze or paper towel
  • Band-Aids or other wound covers
  • Antiseptic wash or cream

After you disinfect your cutting tool in rubbing alcohol, boiling water or other disinfectant, position yourself in front of a mirror where you can get a good look at the skin tag and the surrounding skin. Disinfect the area around the base of the skin tag. Take a deep breath, relax, and cut it off as close to the base as you can. Depending on how much you cut off, you may find yourself bleeding slightly. Just like if you ripped off a hangnail or burst a blister. There shouldn’t be any pain as long as you didn’t cut too deeply. With proper care, you shouldn’t have a scar either.

Cutting your skin tag off is the only way that you can get instant results. If you aren’t comfortable cutting it off yourself your doctor or dermatologist should be able to do this for you; but it may cost. If you want to save costs and have steady hands, there is no reason why you can’t remove the skin tags yourself. If you want them gone but don’t trust your skills, you may want to opt for a method that requires less cutting, but more time.

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